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about the EXPO

This is the second year for the Penticton Sports and Fitness Expo. 

The inspiration came from seeing and hearing of a need to connect groups with participants. In this case there are a lot of smaller organizations in Penticton and area offering really interesting sports and activity options. Some are for children, teens, adults, or all three. Some are competitive and some recreational.

Having a showcase where all those groups can come together helps all the organizations grow and gets more children and adults active.  It also gives smaller sports a platform to grow.

Every year the Throwdown Series runs a 2-day competition called the Okanagan Valley Throwdown.  This event brings hundreds of athletes 14 years and older together to showcase fitness at its finest.  It's a great community that puts effort and attitude ahead of winning at all costs.  The sport of CrossFit attracts a lot of people from different walks of life.  

Something most athletes say is they wish they had been more active earlier in life.

Hosting this event at the same time as the Throwdown allows us to leverage the event and keep the costs down for the Expo and all its exhibitors.

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